Medieval Philosophy

Our course of studies in Medieval Philosophy is known as the « Baccalaureatus Philosophicus » Cycle, and it has a twofold purpose:

1) to impart to prospective students of Lombard’s Sentences an understanding of the principles of Medieval Philosophy and the principal thinkers of that age.
2) to provide students desiring to specialize in the study of Medieval Philosophy a complete two-year cycle of courses providing general and specialized studies in this field.

As such, the « Baccalaureatus Philosophicus » Cycle, inspired by the cycle of studies of similar name at the University of Paris in the mid-13th century, comprises 3 kinds of courses: lectures, seminars and research groups.


H-100    History of Philosophy in the Classical Period (750 B.C – 600 A. D.)  — 6 ECTS
P-110    Plato and his Philosophy  — 6 ECTS
P-120    Aristotle and his Philosophy  — 8 ECTS
P-130    Proculus Lycaeus and the Liber de Causis  — 4 ECTS
P-200    Patristic Philosophy  — 6 ECTS
P-210    Pseudo-Dionysius and his Philosophy  — 4 ECTS
P-220    St. Severinus Boethius and his Philosophy  — 4 ECTS
P-230    St. Augustine of Hippo and his Philosophy  — 6 ECTS
H-300    History of Philosophy in the Middle Ages (600-1350 A. D.)  — 5 ECTS
P-300    Scotus Erigena and his Philosophy — 2 ECTS
H-400    The History of Scholasticism from its origins to to Bl. John Duns Scotus — 6 ECTS
P-310    Peter Abelard and His Philosophy — 3 ECTS


P-320    Avicenna and His Philosophy — 3 ECTS
P-330    Averroes and His Philosophy — 3 ECTS
P-340    Avicebron and his Fons Vitae — 2 ECTS
P-350    Maimonides and his Guide to the Perplexed — 3 ECTS
P-360    Peter of Spain and his Summulae Logicales — 3 ECTS
P-370    Saint Thomas Aquinas and his Philosophy —  12 ECTS
P-380    Saint Bonaventure and his Philosophy —  8 ECTS
P-390    Bl. John Duns Scotus and his Philosophy —  10 ECTS
P-400    Medieval Nominalism  —  3 ECTS
H-410    History of the Thomistic School — 4 ECTS
H-420    History of the Scotistic School — 4 ECTS
H-430    History of Bonaventurian Studies — 2 ECTS
P-410    Raymond Lull and his Philosophy — 3 ECTS

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