The Philosophy of our Method of Instruction

The form of instruction is eclectic and scientific.  Each instructor is free to determine whether his course will be solely lecture, seminar or research group, and/or a combination of these methods.  Courses will emphasize the use of original sources without neglecting to survey and critically assess the scholarly appreciation of those sources throughout history.  The students will be trained both in the analysis of original sources in their historical context and the critical appreciation of later authors who interpreted and studied them.

All useful modern means of electronic presentation which promote the study of the original sources are encouraged. Gradation is based on written work and class participation.  There are no oral exams.

Our Programs of Study

Are fully described in our Annuario Accademico for 2016-17

Our courses are open to students who are interested either in individual courses to augment their academic formation, or who want to complete a complete cycle of specialization.

For a quick presentation of each of our Three Programs and the Courses offered within each click the following:

Medieval Philosophy

Medieval Biblical Studies

Sentences Cycle

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