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The Scholasticum opens its doors for the first time, in October 2016. The nascent Institute offers 3 Post-Graduate Level Specializations: Medieval Biblical Studies, Scholastic Philosophy and Scholastic Theology, for those students pursuing  M.A., STL. or STD degrees or their equivalents, in either the civil or ecclesiastical university systems, and for those with these degrees who want to deepen their understanding of Scholasticism, of which any of the courses can be taken separately or independently from the others.

In addition to being offered to our students present at Bagnoregio, all our courses are also available telematically, that is, through the Internet via video-conferencing. The classes are taught synchronically, that is, live, and students participate in class in real time. Students completing our courses as Discipuli, both those who study telematically and those who study with us in person, will receive Certificates of Completion and grades. Students who study at our campus in Italy are eligible to have their course work recognized by the Catholic Church toward a Licentiate or Doctorate degree. Those who study telematically will be eligible to have their course work recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education toward a Masters Degree.

For the times of the day our courses are offered, see our news page for the published schedules.

The nascent Institute will seek accreditation in each of the 3 cycles of studies it offers, from both the Catholic Church (Theology, Philosophy) and the Republic of Italy (Philosophy, Medieval Studies). Many of our courses will be eligible for transfer credit programs, but this depends upon the institution to which the student is transferring.

Our classes are open to laymen, religious and clergy. Students studying telematically are required to acquire the textbooks for each class, since as an institute The Scholasticum gives particular emphasis on the use and study of books.  S


For more information, see our Annuario Accademico (Student Handbook), available in PDF on this page, and at the present, free in printed form, at our office in Rome, Italy.

The Front Page of the Video-Channel for the Registrar's Office
The Front Page of the Video-Channel for the Registrar’s Office

To begin the registration process contact the Registrar using the form below.

If you apply online, expect to follow the following procedure: After submitting the form you will receive a reply from our Registrar, who will ask you for a short Curriculum Vitae, and if you have the basic suitability, the Registrar will arrange for you to contact our Academic Adviser who will assess your interest. If that is found to be acceptable, you will be asked to pay the €50 registration fee, and then receive an appointment to have a video-conference* with our Registrar’s Office, to begin the exchange of documentation for registration. Then once you have registered, you will receive an appointment for a video-conference with a member of our faculty to discuss specific courses you wish to take and the course requirements you have.  Following this determination, the Registrar will communicate with you about matriculating in the said courses and explain the methods of payment for student tuition and housing arrangements, if you decide to come to Italy to study with us.


For an electronic copy of the Polyglot edition of our Annuario (June 7, 2016 edition):
click here (PDF format, 1.65 MB) — Italiano, English, Español & Français.

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To Contact the Registrar’s office

The Registar’s Office is closed until further notice.


* Note, that before speaking with our Registrar via video-conference it is necessary to have a computer and internet connection compatible with the free software, GOTOMeeting, which requires, among other things, an updated operating system, a high-speed internet or phone connection (rated at 1.0 MB per second) and a computer, tablet or smartphone with a camera and microphone. You need to download this software for free prior to your interview, using that link.



When directed to do so, by the Registrar’s Office, please pay the 50 € fee for Registration, through this PayPal Button:

The Registar’s Office is closed until further notice. No payments are being accepted at this time.

Please note: The Registrar’s Office requests this fee at the beginning of the Registration process so as to identify the students financially. This is necessary in order to protect the Institute and fellow faculty and staff from fraudulent subscriptions.  This fee is not refundable.