The Scholasticum in 2016

October 25, 2015:  An international association of scholars announced today its intention to work for the establishment of a new institute of medieval studies dedicated to reviving the study of Scholastic Theology and Philosophy. The institute will have as its goal the formation of a new generation of faithful Catholic theologians and philosophers according to the method of study employed by Sts. Thomas Aquinas and St. Bonaventure. (See our About page for more information), and will bear the name, “The Scholasticum”. Its website will be

The institute will offer courses to students physically present at its headquarters in Rome and by video-conferencing to those throughout the world.

To accomplish this goal, they are launching a fundraising campaign to meet the expenses of founding the institute, with the aim to open for the 2016/2017 academic year in Rome, Italy.  In addition, they are inviting scholars throughout the world who are interested in supporting the project to contact them (See Faculty page).

To help reach these goals, please consider making a generous donation via the Donation page, and let your friends and colleagues know about this endeavor in person and by electronic means.

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