St. Bonaventure for The Scholasticum

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Those in Italy, wishing to help The Scholasticum, can benefit from a special offer from The Franciscan Archive.

For a donation of 100 €, The Franciscan Archive will gift you a copy of Saint Bonaventure’s Opera Omnia, tome I, “On the One and Triune God”, English translation, p. 996, 2014.

Normally only available in the USA or by international mail, this exclusive offer is available in Italy only to those who donate €100 to the Institute.  The day after, you can pick up your free copy at either of the addresses listed here:

The Scholasticum
Pick Center, Piano 1
Via Boezio, 6
00193  Roma


Convento S. Francesco
Piazza S. Francesco d’ Assisi, 1

01022 Bagnoregio (VT)

All proceeds will go to offset the costs of The Scholasticum’s Campus in Italy.

To obtain your free gift, click here, and make a donation of €100,00.  Be sure to indicate your Full Legal name and legal address, so that our secretary will be able to identify you when you come in person:

Thank you!