Registration for Fall opens


The Registrar’s Office  opened Registration period for student enrollment for the Fall on March 19, 2016.  Registration for the Fall remains open for resident students until Sept 21st, and for students studying exclusively via the Internet, until Oct. 4th.

During this period, students are encouraged to download our Annuario Academico (Student Handbook/Course Offering) and make a preliminary inquiry regarding enrollment and its requirements.

Interested students, will be put in contact with a member of our Faculty, to determine their suitability for studying with us.

For more information, see our Registrar’s page. + +


For more information, see our Annuario Accademico (Student Handbook), available in PDF on this page, and at the present, free in printed form, at our office in Rome, Italy.

Note Well:  You can register for individual courses or for one of our 3 two-year programs of specialization.  See our handbook for more information.

Many of our courses will be eligible for recognition in transfer credit programs at academic institutions world-wide, but which ones depends on the University where you are intending to matriculate. Ask them for more information.

The Front Page of the Video-Channel for the Registrar's Office
The Front Page of the Video-Channel for the Registrar’s Office

Registration for the Academic Year of 2016-17 opened on March, 19, 2016.

To begin the registration process contact the Registrar using the form below.

In reply you will receive an email and begin a short exchange, and if you have the basic suitability, the Registrar will arrange for you to contact our Academic Adviser who will assess your interest. If that is found to be acceptable, you will then receive an appointment to have a video-conference with our Registrar’s Office, to begin the exchange of documentation for registration. Then once you have registered, you will receive an appointment for a video-conference with a member of our faculty to discuss specific courses you wish to take and the course requirements you have.  Following this determination, the Registrar will communicate with you about matriculating in the said courses and explain the methods of payment for student tuition and housing.


For an electronic copy of the Polyglot edition of our Annuario, click here (PDF format, 1.5 MB) — Italiano, English, Español & Français.

To Contact the Registrar’s office

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